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My Story...

From the moment I stepped into the examination hall for the National Defence Academy (NDA), my life was set on a transformative path that, looking back, seems nothing short of magical. The Armed Forces didn't just teach me about leadership; they embedded it in my very being from the tender age of 16-17. The NDA's unique approach, bringing together cadets from the Army, Navy, & Air Force, provided a leadership crucible unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Leadership began with leading myself. I mastered the art of mental agility - to visualize, plan, and execute amidst the unpredictable chaos of NDA life. It was here that I first encountered the V.U.C.A. world - a realm of volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity that would become the backdrop of my entire career, both in the military and as a commercial helicopter pilot.

Navigating through the rigorous training environments of the NDA, the Indian Military Academy, and various Army and Air Force establishments, I learned the invaluable lessons of followership and leadership. My experiences in the Army, especially while flying helicopters during the Kargil war where I found myself inadvertently behind enemy lines, taught me to find solutions in the most dire situations. This incident, among many others, underscored the power of intense training, focus, and the capability of the subconscious mind to navigate through seemingly insurmountable challenges.

My journey did not stop at the battlefield. Encountering a life-threatening situation while demining, where an anti-personnel landmine exploded almost in my face, I discovered the true essence of resilience and inspiration. By returning immediately to the task at hand, I not only regained my confidence but also inspired my soldiers to persevere.

These experiences form the bedrock of my philosophy as a leadership coach, trainer, and speaker today. The leadership acumen honed in the crucible of war, commanding a battalion on the line of control, and navigating deadly landscapes has equipped me with unparalleled insights into trust-building, decision-making, and navigating the unknown.

My certifications from prestigious institutions like the International Coaching Federation (ICF), training under MARSHALL GOLDSMITH, Emotional Intelligence from Dr. Daniel Goleman, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) from Dr. Richard Bandler, and being certified as a Global Leadership & Team Coach by Will Nielsen of the Global Coach Group, have only enriched my unique perspective on leadership. My journey, has recently been acknowledged by the ICFAI University, appointing me as a Professor of Practice for leadership and career programs.

I offer not just a set of skills but a journey forged in the fires of real-world challenges, tempered by world-class training, and proven in both military and civilian arenas. If you seek to elevate your leadership to the heights of courage, resilience, and strategic insight, let me guide you through the lessons that life, in its most extreme, has taught me. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your leadership capability, transforming challenges into stepping stones for success.

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