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Leaders are the architects of success. Within each of us is a leader. Create a burst of growth and achieve your goals.


Experience the transformative and life-changing synergy of combat leadership, corporate experiences, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) approaches and straightforward easy execution strategies. Discover your inner leader – find your mantra!


My Story




The fact that you are reading this demonstrates your ambition to reach your objectives through constant self-improvement and development. Congratulations – you are amongst the very select few who understand this continuous need of us humans.


When I entered the Army over thirty years ago, my understanding of leadership and its influence was, at best, primitive. As my adventure developed, I witnessed the immense impact of leadership on practically everything – from motivation to operations, readiness, combat success, administrative and logistic planning and nearly every other aspect of life. 

Yes, leadership – and its lack – has an impact on us all.


Many powerful, successful and inspirational figures inspired my thought process throughout my career. Reading military and non-military history, business success stories (and failures), and watching the performances and synergy that leaders brought with them provided me with firsthand knowledge of what leadership is all about. 


One of the most important lessons is that a leader inspires others to become leaders as well. I am grateful to all of my seniors, inspirational people and troops for teaching me so much.


The Army provided me with several opportunities to both lead and be guided. From patrols, ambushes, actual mine laying and retrieval during the 2001 standoff, to flying combat flights as a combat pilot during the Kargil conflict, the uniform has given me tremendous leadership principles that I am honoured to share with you. 


After leaving the Army, I worked for companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Daimler, Accenture, Mercedes-Benz, ITC, JPMC, and IBM, among others, and these experiences and learnings have greatly enhanced my ability to serve you and your organisations.


Welcome to your journey. My honest, sincere and determined effort will be to work with you to attain your goals - and that is a soldier's commitment!

Done Deal

You want the best of worlds?

Starting a new job?

Interviews scare you?

What are your goals and ambitions?

How can you make the most of your abilities?

Wondering how to negotiate a good salary?


Afraid to ask for employee benefits?

Want to learn how to negotiate a better CTC?

Troubled by Office Politics? 


Beach Deck


I can easily say working with coach Ajay Ramakrishnan has considerably changed my life for the better. The introductory session with Ajay itself was eye-opening into the world of coaching and how having a coach can affect a person. No wonder, all the high performers in the world have coaches or they become high performers because they have coaches.


With his deep understanding of human psychology, vast experience in leadership roles in the army, and varied forms of coaching, Ajay possesses a unique set of skills that has helped me to uncover some of my limiting beliefs, inspired me to be my best self and pushed me when I got complacent. He provided some simple and practical tools and tips in each session that I could apply immediately and proved to be very effective.


Moreover, Ajay has a passion to see his clients succeed which is evident in the way he shows up for each session and is what makes him a great coach! I am immensely grateful to have had Ajay Ramakrishnan as my coach and mentor! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to go to the next level in their life or get out of a rut.


Sanjay Ratnakar

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