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Flashback – January 2020

Most of us were busy grabbing a sandwich, rushing to beat traffic and deadlines! Back then – we had made a choice that suited our lifestyles and aspirations! We agreed to pay the price – rush hours, deadlines, ulcers, mortgages, etc! We also prayed for time at home!

Fast forward – March 2020

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR – LEST IT COME TRUE! Like most wishes, each wish has its flip side! Enter – Chaos, lockdowns, fear and uncertainty!

Things settled a bit and our corporate masters, team leads, educators, etc awoke to the possibilities of work from home (WFH), yet again a model from the world of Information Technology! Cant blame them – if we need to be paid, we need to do work too!

SO THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! – we got our wish and with it came a curse – or did it?

The wish: God, I want to stay at home, work a few hours and laze around watching a screen, eat when I want, sleep when I want, etc etc. Shazaaam – here you go!

We should have been happy – some are not! So what’s the way ahead? Stay with me!

Today we have the same 24 hours that we did before COVID – 19. What then has changed? Why are we exhausted? Why are some of us unhappy?

The human mind is all about options, freedom and expression. We are by design, social animals (yes we are – even that grumpy guy at the water fountain wants appreciation and company). We are now missing some of the stuff that was part and parcel of our belief systems and habit data bases. We miss the banter, human contact, freedom of moving around, stress of driving through traffic, so many things that were part of our lives.

Lets rewire our mindsets

Mindset Rewiring Secret #1: We were used to a routine and goals. WFH gives us flexibility that we are not really used to. Secret # 1 is to spend 10 minutes each evening, planning and writing down how your day is likely to be tomorrow and setting small achievable goals. Give block times, allocate buffer times and schedule mundane and daily chores as well. Structure times as per your actual work schedules that you were used to. Keep this daily agenda next to your bed, with a pen – be flexible and allow changes.

When you wake up, immediately have a look at your agenda for the day. Once done, try to stick to it and keep checking off things done as the day progresses. Since you have created many small achievable goals, you will find the day becoming more and more positive. Consider actually dressing up and going to a space that you call office. Ensure that your workspace is clean and tidy. Avoid working from your bedroom or bed.

CoachAjay’sTip:Schedule an activity that you like to be the first thing in the morning! It will give you purpose and add a spring to your step.

Mindset Rewiring Secret # 2

We are social beings! We need company, appreciation and also need to appreciate. Schedule some #MeTime and also some #WeTime. Set time aside for banter and chatting about the ‘good old times’, with your buddies. Plan a conference call or even a zoom meeting. For example, I schedule a zoom meeting with my friend and fellow coach Vinod Thapliyal ( We discuss anything and everything under the sun, except negativity. Over time, I see myself looking forward to this interaction. Schedule some recreational time with your family as well.

If by chance you are alone in an apartment, be even more particular to establish human contact. You could consider making friends with your neighbour and consider doing a ‘Balcony Chat’ at a pre agreed time, daily.

CoachAjay’sTip: Enjoy leisure. Avoid Covid discussions and negativity. This is the time to pep up others and get pepped up by others.

Mindset Rewiring Secret # 3

Exercise is critical. Plan and ensure some form of physical activity. Please do incorporate simple eye exercises as well. We are using our eyes for near distance work for most of the day – spend 10 minutes looking out at distant objects (where possible). Please do exercise your eyes.

Exercise releases wonderful chemicals and gives us that extra zip that energises our mind. Make exercise a routine and your mind will routinely refresh and energise itself.

CoachAjay’sTip: Associate exercise with a feeling of exhilaration and challenge yourself daily. Your physical achievements will empower your mental achievements.

Here you go, Three Simple Tips – implement them and see yourself gravitating towards a better lifestyle and joy, under even trying times! Resilience is a choice! I hope that this post has added value to your lifestyle. Live simply and grow exponentially! Feel free to connect. God speed!

My special thanks to Gaurav Chaturvedi for inspiring me to pen down this post.

Please let me know what you want me to write about. Preference will be for issues concerning parenting and careers.

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