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This post is only for those who want to actually catapult themselves ahead of the competition, by taking concrete action. The path ahead is simple my friends – read on!

Secret #1: Create a mindset of belief

There are good bosses and there are bad bosses. Sometimes, we just get a raw deal. Either way, make up your mindset – ‘I will learn and grow’.

Learning and growing may be the fastest way out from the clutches of a bad boss. It may also be the best way of putting into practice, what you learnt from a good boss! Either way, you are the winner!

So, here is what you do – study your boss – for sure, he/she, would have at least one quality that sets him/her apart from others – find it! Once you learn what that is, see how you can use it, make it your superpower. This will have the added benefit of your boss actually admiring you and possibly building a better relationship – Why? – because you now have the same quality / capability that your boss actually values.

Secret #2: Identify core values

In every workplace, there are core values. These are either the values or driving principles of the company or of the management. these values define the organisation. Once you are clear about this, it becomes easy to function. These values could be anything from say service with a smile to punctuality or even impeccable quality or money back no questions asked assurances. The knowledge of this and how to make it work for the benefit of your organisation, will be your second superpower.

Secret #3: Keep positive company

There are positive people and there are negative ones. We have a job to do. Lets do it with all our energy, our passion and with hope. We don’t need pessimistic people to bring us down. Be wary of the company you keep. Office politics are brutal. A man is known by the company he keeps – be aware of this adage.

Watch magic happen!

These simple secrets will form the foundation of your progress! How? Secret #1, will rapidly improve your efficiency and capabilities. Secret #2 will provide a foundation for decision making – thereby empowering you to be a game changer, a person people look up to and a go – getter, while secret #3 will enhance your reputation as a person who chooses friends wisely and has a positive mindset! like I said – watch magic happen


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